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What Makes Traffic Roosters


Traffic Roosters is The Only Digital Transformation Agency Start-up in Bristol that is focused 100% in the Future of new Technologies and BigData

Yes, we try to stay ahead of the future, that’s what makes us different.

We have over 3 years of experience working in the Industry. In this 3 years we could learn how Search Engines such as Google or Bing, or Social Media Platforms like Facebook or Instagram work, what things do they take into account when ranking websites or how the algorithm works.

We have grown up watching search engines evolve day by day, how their algorithms are developing and what they are likely to look like in the not so distant future. here you can learn more about us.

Whilst others will just share your content on Social Networks, We will share your Vision


How we do it?

Identifying your exact needs

We are dedicated to providing you with good marketing results for your unique business needs. That’s why we learn about your business needs before planning a tailored-made digital marketing strategy to reach your goals.

Manage Social Networks

Facebook and Instagram are the Networks with the highest growth but not the only ones, every Social Network is a powerful source of traffic, it depends what your objectives are.

Choosing the Best Strategy

Strategies can be tricky. That is why we will escort you throughout the process to make sure the strategy is simple to understand and includes everything your project needs.

Personalised Website 100% Responsive.

Is your Website Full Responsive? If a Website in 2021 is not Full Responsive for Mobile Devices, your customers will have a very hard time when interacting with your Menu or Promotions.

What other Agencies do

We’ve looked for other Agencies in Bristol that provide the exact same services as we do. We couldn’t find any Agency specialising in BigData the same way as we do.

If we take a look to other agencies in Bristol, we quickly see they don’t specialise in Clients Analysis, at all

This is one that provides similar Services in General Terms, you can find if you search for an Agency in Google


Per month

This is one of the Great Agencies that provide Services to many companies in different sectors. They can manage your Facebook account and Instagram Account. They are very good at Social media!!

You can find great Project Managers, but.. Can you find someone with years of experience analysing hidden data to help you understand the Vision or Interests of your Clients? What do they Really Want?

We could do all of the things that you need, but we would also do it equally with passion, drive and enthusiasm, because we like it that much.

That's What Makes Traffic Roosters