Taste of Napoli

Taste of Napoli was looking for an agency who could help them digitize their business and increase social media reach to launch their store, which would be available to purchase both online and in-store.

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Through an aggressive social media campaign, they wanted to increase the footfall of traffic to their store as well as increase the amount of visitors to their website. We were challenged to help them achieve this without having to resort to long lead times and excessive costs. And so we did.

The approach

The first thing you should probably know is that Taste of Napoli have their own team for social media content. We were brought in because they needed a proven search and social media agency to augment their capacity. Our first steps were to identify the weaknesses in their current social media and website and empower their internal employees to make the necessary changes. We started by doing some important website tests.

We tested their website for hundreds of issues that we believe are key ranking signals used by Google for both organic search and local results. We reported on our results and took control to improve the content of their web pages, their web server configuration, and their product schema (to name just a few). These little tweaks aren’t earth shattering but together they help to increase the online visibility of a business and therefore drive more traffic to the website.

Next, We started creating a strategy for their social media campaigns. To start us off in the right direction, we sat with their team and really got our heads around who their target customers were. The Taste of Napoli team wanted to reach, above all, English customers, students, and people heavily influenced by vegan and vegetarian trends. We helped them com up with content which would target and engange these audiences on social media. It would also help them with their SEO, as most of their products would be on the Taste of Napoli website.


Taste of Napoli
Taste of Napoli

We then set up social media advertising and managed the targeting of their ads in specific areas. After some testing, we found that interactions on Instagram generated the best ROI for Taste of Napoli’s target audience. Perhaps that was because the content strategy was working perfectly.

Taste of Napoli

Pretty cool, huh? As part of managing social campaigns for the range of people heavily influenced by vegan and vegetarian trends, we also worked on bloggers and influencers outreach, and shared all the content on specific facebook pages and groups. Taste of Napoli was not only on every page and facebook group, we made Taste of Napoli a benchmark of Italy in the city of Bristol, the success and the incredible metrics are the result of the right approach and the work of two teams working hand in hand.

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